Gitarren von / Guitars by Richard Jacob

Buch Weissgerber

Book „WEISSGERBER - Gitarren von/Guitars by Richard Jacob“.
2nd revised edition 2023.

Hardcover, A4, 464 pages, German / English, full color printing
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ISBN 978-3-9819816-4-3

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Richard Jacob was one of the 20th century’s most creative and innovative guitar-makers, and certainly its most eclectic. Whether one looks at Germany or around the globe, this Markneukirchen master craftsman remains unmatched in the diversity of his work. The distinctiveness of his models and designs as well as the abundance of shapes and decoration are one-of-a-kind. There is no doubt that he is one of the great artists in his field, artists distinguished not only by the complete mastery of their craft, but whose individuality is manifested by their unique designs and the inimitable tone of their instruments. Just as is true of the instruments of other renowned guitar makers, “Weissgerber” guitars possess unique, unmistakeable characteristics.

The monograph “WEISSGERBER - Gitarren von / Guitars by Richard Jacob” uses many original, never-before-seen sources including photographs, letters and other documents related to Jacob’s life and work. Additionally, the book contains an extensive catalogue of ‘Weissgerber’ instruments presented at the Markneukirchen Museum of Musical Instruments on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Richard Jacob in 2010.

„In my view, the monograph by Christof Hanusch is one of the most important publications in the field of historical musical instrument making.“ Prof. Dr. Andreas Michel

„The study presented by Christof Hanusch (in both german and english) impressively demonstrates, in no small part thanks to its multimedia design, how artist biography, social historical classification of life and career /career and lifework??, description of technical development and the artistic intentions of a gifted instrument maker can be brought together in a portrayal fascinating for both the layman and professional. This work is, in the best and most comprehensive sense of the word, a 'personal history' and undoubtedly sets a standard for its field.“ Prof. Dr. Christian Ahrens

„I so far just run through this book, but I have to say, it's not a book, but a 'Work'... hats off!“ Bernhard Kresse, Cologne

„Credit where credit is due! A great work, worthy of and equal to the subject to which it is dedicated.“ Dr. Christian Hoyer, Bubenreuth

„Years of thorough research and meticulous preparation are visible in this book. A noble memorial to Richard Jacob and indeed the guitar making craft in Markneukirchen! Exceptional print quality - this book is worth its price in every way!“ Ulrich Schwarz, Erfurt

„Dear Mr Hanusch, your book belongs not only in the illustrious ranks of the great illustrated books of this genre: Summerfield, Grondona, Cleveland, Urlik, Sinier de Ridder, Romanillos, Washburn & Johnston. You have also managed to add new scientific accents through cross sectional consideration of the Leipzig examinations.“ Manfred Redelberger, Saarbrücken

des Musikinstrumenten-Museums Markneukirchen

CD Weissgerber

Christof Hanusch presents the six playable instruments belonging to the Museum of Musical Instruments, Markneukirchen which were made by Richard Jacob between 1921 and 1960. With 70 minutes of music by Milán, Purcell, Kellner, Campion, Handel, Sor, Giuliani, Legnani, Coste, de Falla, Mangoré, Tárrega and Carlevaro. Accompanied by a comprehensive german/english booklet containing photographs and descriptions of the guitars, and information about the history of the "Weissgerber" workshop .
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Audio-CD, 70 minutes
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DVD „Ohne meine Tulpe geh' ich irre“
(Without my Tulip I go insane)

CD Weissgerber

The documentary "Ohne meine Tulpe geh' ich irre" by Christian Ziewer was made 2010 during the "Weissgerber" special exhibition at the Museum of Musical Instruments, Markneukirchen. The exhibition presented 60 Guitars by Richard Jacob "Weissgerber" from the period between 1916 and 1960. With: Christof Hanusch and the luthiers H.-Christian Köhn, Ulrike Meinel and Frank-Peter Dietrich.

Book, CD and DVD published by the Association of Supporters and Friends of the Museum of Musical Instruments, Markneukirchen e.V.
Courtesy of the Museum of Musical Instruments, Markneukirchen
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DVD, 51 minutes
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CD Weissgerber
„Mir ist die Gitarre am liebsten, die ich gerade spiele“
(To me, the guitar that I am currently playing is the best)
Christof Hanusch interviewed by Wolf Moser
(Erstveröffentlichung in Gitarre aktuell, 32. Jahrgang Gak Nr. 115, 4/2011)
„Im Schatten eines Genies“ Artikel anlässlich des 100. Geburtstages von Martin Jacob „Weißgerber“ (1911-1991)
(In the shadow of a genius - the 100th birthday of Martin Jacob „Weißgerber“)

Courtesy of the Heimatverein Markneukirchen e.V.

Published in "Neikirner Heimatbote", Volume 18 2011, Issue no. 2 (S 3 ff)