Orfeo Magazine #14 Markneukirchen

Orfeo Magazine #14 is online.

I invite you to visit Markneukirchen, a small, almost forgotten German town, where for the last 350 years all the orchestra instruments have been manufactured. The homeland of C.F.Martin and Richard Jacob “Weissgerber”. You can also visit three excellent workshops who follow the tradition: Gropp, Waltner and Schneider.

Alberto Martinez


Orfeo Magazine is published in English, Spanish and French, for a printed version we have a little time to wait because several issues are always grouped together.

With the best recommendations also from me:

It was a great pleasure and a honour for me to work with Alberto Martinez for this issue of the marvellous magazine, and that I was able to contribute some texts.
My contributions, however, had to be shortened considerably in order to comply with the formal and spatial form, and I am currently considering whether and in what form or on what medium I will publish the texts in their entirety.

But anyway: Enjoy reading!

Christof Hanusch, December 1st 2019

Guitar Lessons Berlin Mitte

Fun rehearsing with my students Roderik, Nik, Johannes (11 and 12) and Lee (8) in preparation of our little student concert in the guitar shop Wolf & Lehmann, Berlin

Amongst others we played songs from 21 Pilots and the Rolling Stones


Construction of a custom made electric guitar by Torsten Preuß, Markneukirchen

Torsten Preuss from Preussguitars will soon complete the Tele-Thinline with a vaulted top as a (absolutely) special custom made  guitar  for me.
In the meantime, the hardware including the pickup is complete and we agree on the planning of most of the structural and decorative details (there were a surprising number of things to consider and decide!)

The body is now finished including the covers of the e-compartments from the same piece of maple as the back, the neck is finished, the „Parisian Eyes“ in the fingerboard, it only lacks the paint and the wiring 🙂

Here are some photos from the work process and from the current state.

New publication: Gitarren 17. bis 19. Jahrhundert

Musikinstrumenten-Museum of the University of Leipzig.
Catalog, Leipzig 2016 by Andreas Michel & Philipp Neumann.
296 pp., 245 color illustrations, 69 illustrations, printed, 21 x 21 cm
Publishing house Janos Stekovics, publishing house of the Museum of Musical Instruments of the University of Leipzig
ISBN 978-3-89923-364-3 and 978-3-9804574-8-4
Recommendation on the topic of historical guitars: A major work on the exploration of guitars from the middle of Germany.

This book is highly recommended. Prof. Andreas Michel has been involved in researching this topic for a long time and is a valuable and indispensable partner in the exchange of information with his comprehensive knowledge of the sources. The good cooperation with Mr. Michel is also due to the fact that I had the honor to  proof read the catalog shortly before printing.

With this volume, the museum continues the catalog series on the plucked instruments. After the inventory of the Zithers, cisterns and the guitars of the Weissgerber collection, the guitars from the 17th to the 19th century are treated. The authors have devoted themselves to the difficult task of scientifically investigating and evaluating the valuable but also very heterogeneous fundus of over 120 guitar instruments. In this catalog, 72 guitars from the period before 1900 are detailed and described. The catalog contains numerous new insights.

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