My guitar archive is dedicated to the work of Richard Jacob and, since 2011, also to the exploration of Vogtland guitar making in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The archive collects and compiles material relating to the history of the guitar, as well as data and photos of instruments.


I am constantly in search of historical guitars, not only for my own collection, but also for information, data and photographs of instruments for my archive.

As previously stated, I am interested in data and pictures of "Weissgerber" guitars. My index of Weissgerber works (WGWV) comprises at present more than 570 instruments made by Richard Jacob.
All information about instruments and their owners will be treated confidentially, publishing data and image material only with permission of the owner.

My recommendation

FISOMA strings for "Romantic Guitar" have significantly less tension than common strings and are particularly suitable for all types of historical guitars and especially for the very lightweight „WEISSGERBER" guitars.
Standard tension is 5.5 kp per string, but they are also available in any tension for every scale length.

In my opinion, the polished strings are particularly well suited to all kinds of historical guitars, as these have similar sound characteristics to historical gut strings